Winter Season Declarations OPEN

Early Registration Fee for a short time ONLY

Winter Season Declarations OPEN

PBSL runs three separate seasons

Fall Season | approx 6-8 games* + playoffs | Sep - Nov

Winter Season | approx 6 games* + playoffs | Nov - Feb


Spring Season  | approx 6-8 games* (no playoffs) | Feb - May


*by 6 games, we mean the following, subject to adjustment:

4 teams in a bracket = 3 home + 3 away games

5 teams in a bracket = 4 home + 4 away games (total 8)

6 teams in a bracket = 5 games

7 teams in a bracket = 6 games one game against each team 

8 teams in a bracket = 7 games one game against each team

9 teams in a bracket = 8 games one game against each team, or possibly split the bracket



Fees for the Winter Season (similar structure for all other seasons):

$ 100 Early Registration - ends 11/5/2022

$ 125 Regular Fee 11/6/2022 - 11/11/2022

$ 175 Late Registration 11/12/2022 - 11/13/2022

registration closes 11:59pm on 11/13/2022 - DOUBLE LATE afterward is $225 per team space permitting


The concept of "play close to home" is being introduced this year:

  • PBSL Broward for Miami+Broward+South Palm Beach Clubs
  • PBSL North for Central/North Palm Beach + Martin+St; Lucie+Okeechobee+ Indian River Clubs

The concept of "promotion and relegation" or team placement was introduced last year, with success:

  • Competition Committee looks at prior results and places your team in the proper division
  • Input is welcome; the preferred division should be the one that gets you to win some games, lose some games, and tie some games
  • Winning record, you get promoted; losing record, you get relegated
  • Player development with the proper challenge is more important than a $10 trophy 

Registration for Winter is OPEN - declare NOW, and save money by registering early; if you need to pull out, you will be given a chance without penalty before we process your credit card.


Declare for PBSL Winter Season NOW 


Tom Tianich - VP of Rules and Regulations
For the PBSL volunteer Board of Directors


UPDATING SOON Some of the information below from last season still applies, especially to new Clubs/Teams declaring for the Fall Season

  1. Club Reps - look at your club's page to verify all important Club Contacts are listed and accurate - you can fix these under users in your GotSport account
  2. Club Reps - check that all your PBSL game fields are listed and correct - you can fix those under Venues in your GotSport admin account
  3. Club Reps - make sure all your declared teams are listed and that you did not miss any
  4. Club Reps, Coaches, and Managers - always visit our website to check updated Rules and Regulations and Listing of Suspensions and Fines - DO NOT PLAY A KID, OR COACH A GAME BEFORE YOUR FINES AND SUSPENSIONS ARE SATISFIED!!!
  5. Club Reps, Coaches, Managers, and Referee Assignors - if you missed our Mandatory Meeting - here is a SlideShow LINK
  6. ALL - visit our ever-growing DOCS Section for helpful information, including GotSport articles that will come in handy
  7. Club Reps and Team Managers - you can pay your Team Declaration fees in GotSport using a credit card or mail a check.
    If you need an invoice for all of your Club's Teams, please send a detailed request to and copy - THANKS


  • if you need us to swap your home game to the opponent's field - the current HOME TEAM should reach out to
  • all communication should be through GotSport CHAT FUNCTION -
  • any requests not agreed upon will be ignored; it is ultimately the home team's responsibility to play their home games; please be proactive!!!
    • We know that the new GotSport still sucks, but not as much as before!
    • We know things are not working 100%!
    • We know that it's impossible to get any quick help from GotSport or FYSA!
    • But we also know that our kids want to play the games and that we owe it to them to make that happen!
    • If you have chosen not to attend any of the GotSport webinars, watch any of the recorded GotSport webinars, or come to any in-person GotSport webinars
    • If you missed all of our, PBSL organized training sessions with GotSport staff
    • And, if you have not done your part to be ready for the season, it is on you to find a way to make your schedule, rosters, player passes, and referee-assigning work in order to allow the kids to play the beautiful game we all love.

On behalf of the PBSL Volunteer Board of Directors, we wish you all a great season and see you all on the pitch.

Tom Tianich
PBSL Scheduling